Setting Course for Success

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Advice for Newly Promoted Executives Managing Their First Assistant.

Importance of Relationship

Determining your mindset going into this new role is going to be one of the key factors of your success. As a leader, you are the Captain now, and therefore it is within your power and responsibility to set the course and navigate this partnership towards a “bright new world”! Your assistant is your first mate, and this strategic partnership has just entered the high seas. The success of your adventures will depend on the type of bond that you form and being able to know and play off of each other’s strengths and opportunities. Essentially, you are mapping out a course, not just of where you will travel together, but how this partnership will be executed.

Time is Gold

We often think of “Time is precious” as a way to hurry up and get things done as quickly as possible. While it is important to have a sense of urgency when it comes to managing your time, goal setting and meeting deadlines, this also means that you must thoughtfully invest quality time into your new partnership to ensure that a proper foundation has been set.

Having patience to understand that all good things come in time, you will be calibrating your expectations to allow for a proper introduction into each others’ worlds. This is the time where patience with each other is more crucial than any other point in your venture – if anything, this partnership may be the greatest treasure you are going to unearth!

Aligning Expectations

Armed with your patience and mapping out your course, you will set sail to your first destination – Setting expectations. Let your patience guide you away from feeling that this is a chore and rather seeing it as a vital necessity and a wonderful opportunity to tune in to each other. Yes, each other. You will communicate what you expect from them, but also seek to understand what they expect in return. Find out little things, motivators or pet peeves. Identifying these possible obstacles early on will help you to keep from crashing into them in the middle of a storm.

Determine an effective communication style that will cater to clear understanding of goals and methods. Find out what behaviors really grind on each other’s gears, either from past experience or anticipated. Does it work out better to speak on the phone, via email, or in person? How often should you set meetings to discuss progress of goals or personal performance? Set all of these things up in the beginning to ensure the clearest path to success.  


Just like dessert motivates the pace at which a child will consume their dinner, adding a little “cherry on top” will increase the rate and attitude of which tasks are being completed. Yes, this is business, but having not only a motivated assistant but one who feels that you have gone out of your way to show that you appreciate them, will aid in their productivity simply by feeling that they are valued.

Incentives don’t just have to be monetary or physical objects. Your business partnership should be part of the incentive. How does that work? You possess the industry experience and knowledge that can help them to grow and flourish. Make it known that you value their career goals as well, and allot time towards mentoring them. Lead by example, share valuable resources and insight.

Mutually Beneficial

If you haven’t realized it already, this partnership is mutually beneficial and the more you invest in each other and value the roles you play to each other, the faster and farther this ship you are building will carry you. You will experience many things along the way, celebrate in many treasures found, and form the type of bond that will become the greatest treasure of all.  

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#adminprofessional #adminuniverse #executiveassistant #administrativeprofessional #administrativeassistant #attitude #skill #teamwork #strategy #accomplishment #StarAchievementSeries #leadership

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