Meet Your New Boss

The Rise of Younger Bosses & Making Successful Teams

Meet Your New Boss - The Rise of Younger Bosses & Making Successful Teams

Just when you thought working with Millennials would be challenging, welcome Gen Z. How you survive and thrive in organizations that grow younger by the day, all depends on your attitude.

“Alexa!”, “Hey Google!”, are two examples of how AI integration of technology touch our world and understanding today’s digital age brings both excitement and woes. As a Baby Boomer, I see the convenience in digital versions of products such as books, films and magazines, and endless on-line learning possibilities. On the other hand, I feel obligated to keep up with everything that is changing, and let’s be honest, it’s much easier to learn and adapt at a young age. When my granddaughter (pictured above) was just 2 years old, she already mastered her learning games on an iPad. Now we begin to see children, even as young as 8 years old, becoming entrepreneurs, creating products and services that have found success.  Meet your new boss!

The number of younger bosses, managers, CEOs and founders taking the reins in companies is happening at an incredible rate…reflecting one of the benefits of on-line information. We all grow older, yet birthdays stay the same, and as individuals we have vastly different generational issues.  Whether working with Gen Z, Millennials, or having a boss that is 10 or more years younger, there are bound to be challenges; listed here are three top Points of Wisdom (POW) for helping develop a successful team partnership.

POW #1 It’s Not A Competition

Humbleness works with your new boss, and much better than playing the role of “Mom or Dad,” or the always popular state of mind “I’ve been working long before you were born.” Believing that all your life and/or business experience is an advantage over them, is missing the point of an Administrative Professional’s role. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what they don’t know – that can all be learned. Take time to recognize what they do know and how it brought them into the position they are in. More than likely you were hired because of what you do know, so use that knowledge to help mentor them on how managers should manage or how leaders should lead.

POW #2 Don’t Be Afraid to Voice Your Opinion

There is a time to be quiet and a time to speak up. As an Administrative Professional, pause to analyze your intentions whenever you are bringing something to your boss’ attention and especially when you are disagreeing or offering an alternative. Try offering your alternative or requests from the power of knowledge and helpful insight that brings value to the team. Your intentions will certainly have influence over the delivery of the advice, so always be honest with yourself about where your intentions are coming from. 

POW #3 Be Open to Change

Your young boss may be brimming with fresh, energetic and innovative ideas, but as with any other human being, they will make mistakes and need guidance. Be humble and establish yourself as a confidante, a listening ear and trusted advisor. Remember that your role is to look out for the business’ best interests and to do so with a high level of professionalism. At the end of the day, your young boss earned their position and you must respect that. Your journey to understand each other, trust each other and earn each other’s respect may be a tedious one which requires a little more patience. In time it could be that you complement each other and realize how successful a collaboration you have!

Meet the New Bosses

Millennial bosses are making their way into our industries with fantastic new ideas. Entrepreneur Magazine recently published a fascinating article [Meet the New Bosses: How These Entrepreneurs Under 20 Are Changing Industries] naming some of the most successful entrepreneurs under the age of 20! They are intelligent, driven, creative and they could be your next boss. If this seems like an awkward scenario for you, take a moment to realign your perspective and see how rewarding it could be to work with someone so passionate. Take the perspective of “I can change, but I can’t change you.”  Add a bit of patience, humility and a good listening ear, you will find yourself in a role that could present a world of possibilities!

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