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Team Spirit is more than just having company pride. Team Spirit is a phenomenal tool to foster happiness, relationships, communication, teamwork and ultimately a productive workplace! Before you can coach your team on the importance of this concept, you must truly understand how vital this component is to your company. As an Administrative Professional, you are the guide who demonstrates these important principles. Dig deeper and find out specifically “Why?” it is important to introduce Team Spirit practices into your office. Is it to address an opportunity? Are there potential obstacles? Who may you need to work closely with to motivate them to get on board? Understanding and anticipation will go hand-in-hand to effectively execute Team Spirit practices.

4 Essentials for Encouraging Team Spirit


For various reasons, there are people who will need a little extra guidance. For some it will be a need for motivation. Maybe they won’t understand why Team Spirit is so important. Perhaps for this person, they are used to working by themselves and they are being a tad defiant about the whole thing. Others may have trouble fitting in or feeling included, and a mentor is a great way to break the ice and entice them out of their shell. For whichever reason it may be, your mentors need to be chosen and matched with care.

Be sure to pick mentors who are a shining example of the Team Spirit concept. Someone who has a positive attitude and an eagerness to help others. When matching mentors with mentees, take care to observe personalities that will mesh well together. A good mentor should have a knack for making those around them feel comfortable. Don’t just choose someone who is “popular” around the office, but pay attention to how they interact with the shy and hidden personalities.

As an Administrative Professional, you must ensure there is a healthy vacation time allocation in place, and even ways that employees can have access to seminars about the importance of a good work life balance. Employees with charged emotional and mental batteries will provide more efficient and quality work than those who never make time for themselves or their families and just burn out.

2. Praise

It is true that some people will have a skillset that is obviously above average and it will be a breeze to praise them for the work that they have done, but it is even more important to look for those who are rarely recognized for their accomplishments or contributions to the business. People respond very well to praise, and Monster.com has a great article about Motivation in the Workplace . People need to feel appreciated! They rely on that feeling of doing a good job, or that their efforts are being recognized – this will in turn affect the bubble around them. Focus on who needs a little extra “Ra! Ra!” and observe the difference it will make in your team and the Team Spirit!

3. Volunteer

Once your team understand the “Why?”, and you have put methods in place to ignite their confidence, recharge their batteries and overall influence their positive attitude, then it is time to begin some team building activities! Volunteering together is such a rewarding experience, as you are doing something for the good of mankind. It brings the team together in a very unique atmosphere, where they are able to practice working together with an obvious common goal of helping people. These types of activities are where the strongest bonding happens within coworkers. It is a remarkable environment in which people from every level of the company are humbling themselves to help people and make a difference. Look to coordinate a company-wide volunteer event once every month or so. Lock arms with an organization in the community, and use the opportunity to both bond with your team and make a difference!

4. Party

As Kool and the Gang put it, “Celebrate good times, come on!”. Make time to celebrate once in a while! Whether it is following a great quarter, a month of birthdays, a big promotion, a holiday or just to thank volunteers for a year of great community service – celebrations are huge morale boosters! It is an environment where everyone can relax and mingle, laugh and have a good time. Parties can be short, a little 1-2 hour break in the middle of the workday, or they can cover a portion of an evening after a long workday. The point is to include a little fun here and there. It brings everyone together, gives them a mental break, and improves Team Spirit! Next quarter we are going into the holiday season, which provides a great deal of opportunity to celebrate -and if you still need inspiration for Team Spirit party ideas, here are 25 Epic Office Party Ideas!

Best of luck and have a great time creating legendary Team Spirit in your workplace!

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