Attitude? What Attitude?

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4 Tricks to Having a Contagious Positive Attitude

1. What Drives You?

Behind every person walking into work, follows a reason. For some people it is a child, a partner – a family. For others it is possessions, getting that fabulous car or rewarding yourself with that Oscar-worthy outfit. Some people work to travel, experience new views, new cultures or meet new people. Some people just need to keep a roof over their head and food on their plate. However, according to a survey done by Workplace Dynamics, most people desire to feel connected and appreciated. Being able to identify your ultimate driving factor is essential to continuing to be the most incredibly motivated version of yourself.

Don’t know what your personal driving factor may be? Figure yourself out! Grab a pen and something to write on (a piece of paper, inside of a book, your hand…) and start writing out things that make you happy. Figure out what makes you the happiest (maybe it’s just being able to afford eating out every day) and mentally bold that item out. Program yourself to think about it whenever you become frustrated. Help reinforce your reason to focus. Practice this until your mind adapts into redirecting to this driving factor whenever you feel deflated.

2. Initiate Positive Conversation

It only takes one person to set a direction, or CHANGE direction. Unfortunately, it is far easier for things to start rolling downhill. People will mindlessly follow along with a negative train of thought. Think about it, how easily do you see yourself or other people chiming in when a rant session begins? All offices come with office drama, and there is no shortage of it. It becomes entertaining, a guilty pleasure or a fun distraction. People do this almost subconsciously. However, it only takes one person to redirect the conversation, to find the silver lining. It has to be a conscious effort, though. You have to condition yourself to purposefully look for these opportunities, to thwart negativity or to consistently bring up positive conversation.

The best type of positive conversation for an office is the kind that brings people together and helps them to see each other in the best light. Look for the strengths in people (even in those who may make it difficult) and bring those strengths up constantly. Are they excellent at figuring out new programs? How about being the first person to help when there is an issue? Maybe they just wear the best outfit. Whatever it is, tell them you noticed and it’s awesome. Say it to them in private, say it to them in public – just make it a point to make them feel appreciated in some way and for others to see this reason to appreciate them. Work on a different person every week. Slowly you will notice that your peers will start to follow this trend as well – and it’s the best trend to initiate!

3. Get Excited!

If you have ever seen “Friends” you will remember that scene of Phoebe where she runs like an absolute crazy person. It embarrasses Rachel so badly, until Phoebe explains that she would rather have fun and run in a way that makes her feel like a kid, and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Once Rachel gives in to her curiosity, she discovers how free and wonderful it is when you stop taking life so seriously.

Honestly, this is a great lesson. Be silly! Obviously there is a time for it, but the point is that you should make time. Life is stressful enough, jobs are stressful, people’s expectations are incredibly stressful, but you have to give yourself a break. It is healthy to have fun. Once you find something that increases your endorphins and gets you excited, you will realize how much better your work days are – for you and everyone around you.

4. Require Laughter

“Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.” —Mark Twain. If you don’t believe me or Mark Twain, then you can believe the Mayo Clinic and their article about stress relief from laughter. Let’s be honest, we all get anxiety sometimes – some more than others. It can certainly keep you from focusing, getting things done or even from being healthy. A study on Healthline outlines 11 of the most common symptoms of stress overload:

    • Acne
    • Headaches
    • Chronic Pain
    • Frequent Sickness
    • Decreased Energy and Insomnia
    • Changes in Libido
    • Digestive Issues
    • Appetite Changes
    • Depression
    • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Increased Sweating

Sound familiar? Don’t let it get the best of you – don’t go down without a fight! Intentionally find things to make you laugh. Share those things with others in your office to keep them laughing. You are all in this struggle together, after all. If you are looking for a few funny things to get you going, here is a great video compilation of adorable animals doing hilarious things: Funniest Pets EverYou’re quite welcome.

Attitude is everything, it is a superpower most people don’t even realize they have. However, it requires your attention and intention. If you want to change your attitude, it begins with these steps.

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