June 25, 26, 27th – Sunnyvale, CA
Limited Seating Available – 3 Day Course


The World Class Assistant certification and curriculum-based designation program is a time-tested, industry-proven powerhouse of learning. Designed to polish administrative professionals for upward mobility and current-level stellar performance, this course was the first to recognize assistants as “strategic business partners.”

  • Gain the confidence and skills needed to impact your company’s success.
  • Expand your influence.
  • Cultivate stronger partnerships with leaders and co-workers.
  • Develop an admirable professional reputation and gain greater visibility.
  • Learn specific strategies that lead to improved performance.
  • Experience rapid personal and professional growth.
  • Get that special edge needed to stay two steps ahead in today’s competitive business world.


Office Dynamics International was the first to offer a curriculum-based designation; meaning the only way to receive this special designation is to attend the course and meet certain objectives.

  • Demonstrates to your executive, employer, and others that you are committed to your profession.
  • Can open doors for professional advancement.
  • Gives you a competitive edge.
  • Sets you apart as a strong performer.
  • Validates personal initiative and leadership skills.


Only 750 assistants around the world have achieved the Certified World Class Assistant designation (CWCA). You will be part of an elite group of high-achieving assistants who are proud to place the CWCA after their name, on their business cards, LinkedIn profile, resume, and in their signature line.

“I’ve attended many administrative training programs, but this is by far the most focused, detailed and informative one. I feel that I’ve stepped up to a new level in my career by attending this program.” –Johanna Viteri, CWCA

World Class Assistant™ 
Certification and Designation Course
June 25, 26, 27th


3 one day workshops that are live and interactive. All workshops include materials,  and lunch.  Small group (25) individualized training, with interactive learning methods for
Administrative Professionals.

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